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The Garden Rhapsodies

by Huifong Ng

Introducing Vincenzo Balsamo

VINCENZO BALSAMO was born in 1935 in Brindisi, Italy. In 1946, Balsamo lost his father, a sailor, following a work accident. This event plunged the family into economic ruin forcing Balsamo to leave his studies to work where he found employment as an assistant in the artisan studio of painter and decorator, Pietro Acquaviva. Balsamo quickly gained a strong feel for retouching and this became fundamental importance for his artistic future. In 1954, Balsamo enrolled at Scuola d’Arte San Giacomo in Rome to refine his skills where he would study for three consecutive years and later held his first exhibition in 1957 in Rome.

Balsamo’s initial paintings were of nature and figurative. In 1964, his works evolved into an expressive and more complex phase where the colours of blue, red, green and yellow amalgamated into abstract form. The artist would later go on to propel his painting style towards a new representational form where perspective planes, volumes, objects intertwined but without losing homogeneity and colour – a style of cubism.

Balsamo went on to participate and held numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, United States of America, Australia and China. He continued to work extensively until his demise in 2017 at the age of 81, in Rome, Italy.

In 2019, Huifong’s Art Gallery (H.A.G) collaborated with Franceso Balsamo, son of Balsamo and manager of Archivio Generale Vincenzo Balsamo, to exhibit Balsamo’s paintings in Brunei Darussalam.