About The Founder

An internationally-acclaimed portrait artist, Huifong is dedicated to her art commitments as founder of Huifong’s Art Gallery (H.A.G).

Huifong’s Art Gallery (H.A.G)

We provide professional art consultancy by representing, promoting and marketing works by professional artists internationally.

We present physical and online exhibitions, Art Chat with Huifong, and Atelier Huifong Ng.

Launching of Brunei-China Art and Visual Culture Festival

Launching of our newly-revamped Art Chat with Huifong

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The Garden Rhapsodies

Paintings, Poetry and Stories by Huifong Ng

Take an intimate passage with Huifong into the early beginning of her art journey as she recollects personal memories in France. Available in English and Chinese versions.

For Brunei readers, please purchase at the link below

Chinese New Year

Baiduri Bank Group x Huifong Ng

A collection of Chinese New Year paintings by Huifong Ng are exhibited as the centerpiece decoration at Baiduri Bank Group Headquarters during Chinese New Year from 11 February until 4 March 2021.

Childhood. Chinese New Year weaves the theme of childhood nostalgia whilst conveying the emotional bonding amongst family members by uncovering layer and layer of warmth through the reminiscence of childhood memories.